Examining assessment in teaching English as a second language

Assistant Professor of Education at the Mount Dr. Christine Doe is studying what it means to teach, learn and assess English as a second language across a number of contexts.

In particular, her work examines the “lived language” used by newcomers in their workplaces and the language proficiency assessments used in “higher stakes” contexts, like citizenship processes.

Why does this matter? Ultimately, it’s about reducing barriers to the successful integration of newcomers, she says. (Click the image below to hear from Dr. Doe about her work.)

Christine Doe-video

“It’s important that we value the contributions that newcomers are making.”

– Dr. Christine Doe, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Education

After-school program aids young newcomers to Canada

Dr. Doe was recently part of a team of Mount faculty and students who developed a program to support Syrian refugee children after school at nearby Duc d’Anville Elementary. The homework support initiative paired Mount student volunteers (several of them Arabic-speaking) with children of refugee families who attend the school.

Dr. Doe noted at the time of the program’s launch, “We have to make every effort to really be thoughtful about how we welcome and integrate people into our country. That means, not just thinking about how they are the ones to adjust, but also how we can accommodate.” Read more

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