Cheyenne Hardy is a third year Child & Youth Study student at Mount Saint Vincent University. She’s also the MSVU Food Security Volunteer Coordinator.

“I learned early on that there is no better feeling than giving back and I am especially passionate about helping others within our MSVU community,” said Cheyenne. “One of the most eye-opening, yet rewarding volunteer roles I’ve held is that of MSVU Food Security Volunteer Coordinator through which I’ve seen first-hand the great work being done in support of the on-campus Food Bank and newly established free meal service for students.”

This giving Tuesday, MSVU is partnering with the J & W Murphy Foundation to enhance these campus initiatives in support of students facing food insecurity. The J & W Murphy Foundation will match donations received up to $4,000. To be matched, donations must be made by midnight on Tuesday, November 30, 2021. It’s the second year in a row for the valued partnership.

Those interested in supporting MSVU student food security can double their donation here.

Food insecurity is the inability to acquire an adequate quantity or quality of food. Some studies have shown that as many as two in five Canadian university students have experienced some degree of food insecurity.

“Our job is to make it as easy as possible for the Mount community to have food so they can focus on their education,” said Cheyenne. “In my volunteer role, I see daily the difference we are making in the lives of those who need it most.”

“Through [the J & W Murphy Foundation’s matching initiative] we can improve the services of the food bank and soup kitchen, we can make sure our shelves are full, and we can support as many people as possible.”

Cheyenne expressed the gratitude so many at MSVU feel for the generosity of the J &W Murphy Foundation: “You are supporting our community and our students are very, very grateful for this help. Thank you.”