Dear MSVU community,

At its meeting held last night (April 21, 2021), the Mount Saint Vincent University Board of Governors approved the University’s 2022/2023 operating budget. This year’s balanced budget makes key investments in students while considering continued financial pressures.


As in previous years, our goal was to develop a budget that:

  • Focuses on the needs of our students,
  • Advances our commitment to academic excellence,
  • Aligns investments with MSVU’s strategic priorities, and
  • Ensures the long-term sustainability of the university.

As well, this year’s budget considers the continued financial pressures caused by the pandemic. For example, ancillary revenues (e.g. conference services) remain significantly below pre-pandemic levels.

Planning was also based on anticipated stable enrolment and a 1% increase in funding from the Nova Scotia government (which accounts for 36% of the university’s total 2022/2023 budgeted revenues).


We undertook a consultative budget planning process this winter, gathering input from faculty, staff and students via a town hall (faculty/staff) and Students’ Union survey. The sequence of budget review and approvals then included, the University Budget Advisory Committee (with members including students, faculty and staff), the Interim President, and the Board of Governors’ Finance Committee who ultimately approved it for recommendation to the University’s Board of Governors. The draft budget was also shared in advance with the University’s Senate.


MSVU’s 2022/2023 budget prioritizes investment in the services students need to succeed, including Counselling Services, Accessibility Services, Indigenous student supports, the Centre for Academic Advising and Student Success and Mount 101 (supporting students to transition to and stay in university).

This year, we have allocated $3.4 million for student financial aid – our highest amount yet, up 26% since 2019.

MSVU’s 2022/2023 budget also renews 9 faculty positions and adds 7 net new full-time faculty positions (including lab instructors and librarians).

The Board approved a tuition increase of 3% for the 2022/2023 academic year. Any decision by the Board to raise tuition is taken very seriously and given much thoughtful consideration. The reality is that 95% of the University’s funding comes from two sources with tuition being the main source of funding (at 59% of total 2022/23 budgeted revenues). A tuition increase is required to close the gap between rising costs (due to inflationary pressures, for example) and our operating grant from government (which is increasing at a rate far below inflation). The alternative – budget cuts in certain areas – is not possible without adversely affecting student supports. To offset the tuition increase and help students who need financial support the most, MSVU continues to invest in student financial aid – now at its highest level yet, as noted above.

For a more detailed budget 2022/2023 overview, please review the budget report to the MSVU community available here.

Thank you

My sincere thanks to all who contributed to our 2022 budget planning process. Your commitment to the success of MSVU, and in particular the students we serve, is appreciated.

Please be in touch should you have any questions or comments



Mustansar Nadeem, CPA, CGA, MBA
Vice-President Administration
Mount Saint Vincent University