As we approach our sesquicentennial, our new Strategic Plan is a statement about the unique contributions that MSVU can and will make within an evolving global context.

As its title — Strength Through Community — suggests, our plan is grounded in community and responds to our pledge to build, in partnership with community, stronger societies through enhanced access to education. That commitment extends to our Indigenous community, as we work to advance programs that support not only their educational ambitions, but provides a support system for Indigenous faculty, staff and students with a particular focus on women and girls.

The underlying theme of this plan, indeed of this university, is our continuing leadership related to equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility, as well as the advancement of Indigenous and African-Nova Scotian members of the community. Since our inception, at a time when women were not permitted to vote, we have been recognized leaders, both nationally and internationally, in the removal of systemic barriers to full participation in the university experience for ALL — especially for those from underrepresented groups. That leadership remains central to our commitment to academic excellence in a rich and rewarding university experience, designed to nurture socially responsible global citizens, at home and abroad — and that leadership is probably more important today than at any point in our history.

This plan is profoundly important to the future of MSVU, and is informed by input received from
faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors, government, business and community partners. I wish
to extend my most sincere thanks to them and to all who added your voices to this important
conversation — we have worked hard to ensure you see your ideas reflected in the plan.

Achieving the objectives set out in this Strategic Plan is imperative to ensuring the ongoing viability
of MSVU, and our long-standing tradition of social responsibility and enduring commitment to the
advancement of women. Our shared ownership of this plan will propel us forward in the months and
years ahead in the true definition of community. Onward to the next 150!

Dr. Mary Bluechardt