Below is a list of courses being taught by full-time faculty, librarians and lab instructors this semester. Because the MSVUFA has decided to strike, these classes will be temporarily suspended starting Monday, February 12 at 12 p.m. (noon)

Classes taught by full-time faculty, librarians and lab instructors – Winter 2024 semester

If your course is not on this list, that means that it is continuing as usual.

As some sections of a course will be cancelled while other sections will be going ahead, please pay careful attention to the section numbers of the courses on this list. If you’re unsure of your section number, please check myMount. If you have questions about which courses are affected that are not answered here, please email

The following labs are taught by part-time faculty but will not proceed in the event of a strike by the MSVUFA:

  • 2024/WI | MATH*114L*LA |LAB – MATH 1114 | 0 | W |09:00 | 10:15 | Christopher Jones
  • 2024/WI | MATH*114L*LB | |LAB – MATH 1114 |0 |TH |12:00 |13:15 |Christopher Jones
  • 2024/WI |MATH*114L*LC |LAB – MATH 1114 |0 |F |10:30 |11:45 | Christopher Jones

Please note that this list may be updated. Visit for the most accurate list