Making the most of her university experience

Meet Julie Hatfield – BA Communications student (anticipated graduation: 2017), varsity athlete, volunteer and soon-to-be international exchange student as she heads to Lille, France in September for a semester abroad.

Julie Hatfield1How did you first hear about the Mount? What was your first impression?
“My mother and aunt went to the Mount so it was always in the back of my mind when deciding on a university. I also played volleyball competitively in high school and I heard the volleyball team did extremely well in season so I came for a tour with the coach and to watch a game. They ended up winning the game and were undefeated that season so I was really excited about potentially joining the team.”

Describe the moment when you made the decision to become a Mount student.
“I didn’t actually choose to go to the Mount in my first year because I received an athletic scholarship to another university in the province. I switched universities because of the communications program that was new to the Mount. I had heard such great things and knew that the Mount would take me where I needed to go with my career. I also wanted to play for the volleyball team because of their huge success in the Atlantic region.”

What kinds of activities have you been involved in since joining the Mount community?
“I play on the varsity women’s volleyball team, I participated in orientation week, I worked for the International Education Centre, I participated in the buddy program, started a student athlete mental health initiative on campus, worked at the Students’ Union welcome desk, and I also volunteer at various events during the year.”

Favourite place or space on campus?
“The library because it’s so cozy. There was a point last year at my summer job when I told my boss I had to go work at the library for a few hours so I could concentrate.”

Julie Hatfield2What course, book, experience or event would you recommend to others?
“Women’s studies! The great part about being a Mount student is we have such great faculty and curriculum in Women’s Studies…a great base of knowledge on feminism and how important it is to create equality for all genders.”

What class, professor, project or learning activity has held the most meaning for you? Why?
“The biggest learning opportunity my school has given me is the opportunity to be so involved on campus, because it’s not all about the classroom. The Mount offers so many societies and clubs that tailor to different interests, and with the strong partnerships with the Centre for Women in Business they offer so much advice and great events to give you more than the classroom has to offer (despite the fact I still love in-class learning).”

What advice would you give to students beginning university?
“Get involved in anything you can and only do what you love. A lot of students think they are bound into a tight category of whatever they first came to university for but it’s not true. The Mount will help you switch programs or take more dynamic courses if you find your interest sways somewhere else. It’s your life you have to be happy about it. And don’t take no for an answer when it comes to someone shutting down an opportunity that you believe in.”

What is the greatest change you’ve seen in yourself since joining the Mount?
“I have matured a lot in the last few years and have really gained a great amount of knowledge in my field and other fields. I am starting to feel more and more prepared to enter the workforce due to all of the experiences the Mount has given me. I’ve also grown a lot more as a person in general; university is a great time to kind of reflect on who you are and the Mount really has allowed me to do that.”

What would others say is the greatest change they have seen in you?
“I have become more and more passionate when it comes to things I believe in every day, and I’m not as afraid to show it.”
Julie Hatfield3
Describe your Mount experience in five or fewer words.
“Learning, growing, experiencing, believing, community.”

What do you know to be true about the Mount that others may not know?
“That just because we’re small and mostly women doesn’t mean that we aren’t as great as all of the other universities. And also the volleyball team is the best.

Favourite food or meal on campus?
“This is easy: stir fry day at meal hall, healthy and delicious.”

Favourite route to walk on campus?
“Around the circle with all of the Birches [residences]. It’s super pretty with the pond and the view of the water!”