The following excerpt has been taken from ‘A View from the Mount’, the blog of Mount Saint Vincent University President and Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Ramona Lumpkin.

Ramona AUCC announcementThe Mount community is making a world of difference

At the Mount, we’re justifiably proud of our commitment to making a difference in our communities. We were founded by the Sisters of Charity in 1873 to educate and provide opportunities to girls and young women, opportunities that were few and far between at the time. Caritas Day springs from the same spirit of service. After a devastating fire in 1951, the Sisters of Charity, overwhelmed by the generosity that helped get the university back on its feet, instituted a day each year that would allow students to “give back” to the wider community.

Mount students, staff, and faculty are active in communities locally, nationally, and around the world. One of our current students, Allison Sparling, has helped organize opportunities for women to become more involved in political life through her collaborative Walk with Her campaign.

Meng Zhao, who came to the Mount from China and has since gone on to become an active member of the Halifax community, is about to launch the first Chinese-language magazine in the Maritimes.

And Joan Ntebohelen (Kolane), a Mount alumna now living in Pretoria, South Africa, was inspired by the values of hard work and service she learned at the Mount and is now the United Nations Chief of Nutrition and Food Security in Ethiopia… (more)

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