By Jennifer Robeson, Centre for Women in Business 

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, the Centre for Women in Business (CWB) at Mount Saint Vincent University has created a book called The CWB Way – Transforming Women’s Entrepreneurial Experiences.

The book is about where we have been, who we have served, and what lies ahead. Its intention was to share what we have learned these past three decades, to act as a guide for other organizations with similar missions, and to profile but a small sampling of the incredible diversity of women the CWB has had the privilege to serve.

At the core of the book, and based on our three decades of experience supporting women business owners, is a detailed look into our pioneering methodology. Entitled The CWB Way, the book outlines the five elements women entrepreneurs need to succeed. They are:

1) women-centered learning

2) dedicated centres for women in business

3) all-in partnerships

4) research, results and accountability

5) advocacy and outreach.

Working within these five elements has been foundational to our success for the past 30 years and will continue to be the framework for serving women entrepreneurs for the next 30 and beyond.

Check out the digital copy of the book, share your experience with the book and the CWB using hashtag #CWBMemories30, and subscribe to the monthly CWB newsletter to keep up to date with how the CWB can support you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Note: The CWB has been honoured to be seated at MSVU during our 30 years. MSVU is an institution that was established by women for the advancement of women and we feel proud to be part of this family of women trailblazers.