Teaching Supports and Resources         Frequently Asked Questions


Part-time faculty play an important role in teaching and learning at the Mount. We’re glad you’re here!

From this page, you can link to a variety of useful resources and information. We hope you find this page easy to navigate and that it serves its purpose for you.

If there is information you need that you are not able to find on this page, please contact Kennedy Fitzgerald, Manager of Academic Relations.


The Employment Relationship

The Union representing part-time faculty is CUPE 3912. The current Collective Agreement is found here.

The main resource containing information, guidelines, and policies that apply to faculty is the 2023-2024 Faculty Handbook.

To assist in orienting you, a list of the most significant University policies applicable to teaching is provided below.

Additionally, departmental policies may be applicable. Faculty should contact their Department Chair to obtain relevant departmental policies.


What is expected once a contract is issued?

To accept the contract, sign and return a copy of the contract to the Deans’ Office.

Ensure that the Payroll Office has all the necessary information and forms: (signed tax forms, Social Insurance Number, bank account information).

Prepare for the course and submit a course outline to the Department Chair and Dean. Click here for a Sample Course Outline.

Complete all of the required workload duties including any special duties or conditions contained in the contract.

Important Senate Policies

Please familiarize yourself with the following policies. All (and more!) are found on the University’s Policy Central Page.

  • Course Outline Policy
  • Senate Policy and Procedure Regarding Final Examination
  • Students with Disabilities (Policy on Accommodation)
  • Senate Policy on Academic Offences
  • Senate Academic Appeals Policy
  • Ethics Review of Research Involving Human
  • Integrity in Research and Scholarship Policy
  • Senate Student Judicial Code
  • Employment Equity Policy
  • Harassment & Discrimination Policy
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • No Scents is Good Sense
  • Regulations Governing Computer Use
  • Procedures for Dealing with Student Violations Governing Computer Use