What is Precedence? How do I get some?

Precedence is the seniority provision contained in the Collective Agreement for part time faculty at the Mount (see Article 13.8). A person acrues precedence points for each teaching position (contract) they held on a part time basis at the Mount. After two units of teaching over a minimum of two academic years, with no unsatisfactory performance evaluations, a person is added to the “Precedence List”. The Precedence List is produced by the University each year in June-July, taking account of all teaching up to the end of the previous winter academic term. The precedence list is used for all part time faculty hiring for the following academic year (September through August). The applicant with the highest precedence points has priority for appointment provided he/she possesses the qualifications as defined in the posting for the position.

How do I order textbooks for my course?


All course textbooks and printed course packs can be ordered through the bookstore. Orders can be placed in person or Online Orders.

How do I put reading materials on reserve at the library for my students?
The Library is happy to help you put selected material in the Library’s Reserve Collection or create eletronic reserves to allow your students 24/7 access to important materials. Check here for more information on Reserve and e-Reserve Material.

What is Web Advisor?
Web Advisor is the online management tool used by the Registrar’s office. You will be assigned a username and password so that you can access your class lists and submit your grades. For more information or a tutorial on how to use Web Advisor contact Sherman Keefe at 457-6208 or sherman.keefe@msvu.ca

Where will I receive mail?
Your department’s secretary will be able to tell you where your mailbox is located. You will receive payroll notifications and other documents from the Mount in your campus mailbox.

Will I be assigned an MSVU e-mail account? Do I have to use it?
Yes you will be assigned an MSVU e-mail account. The Mount requires that all faculty and students use their MSVU e-mail account for communication about courses. Important bulletins from the Unviersity will be sent to your MSVU e-mail account.

What is the “Intranet”?
The Mount’s internal secure access website is called the “Intranet”. The username to access the Intranet uses a prefix “themountusername”. The username and password are the same as for email.

What space is available for me to work from?
The Mount continues to endeavour to provide appropriate space for part time faculty to carry out their teaching duties. Faculty Resource Centres on campus provide computer and photocopier equipment available for part time faculty to use. Department secretaries are also able to direct faculty to conveniently located general purpose photocopiers. Some shared office space is available for part time faculty. Your Department Chair will orient you to the office space available for part time faculty in your Department.

What Audio/Visual Equipment is available for me to use in my class?
Each on campus classroom is equiped with a computer, lap top plug-in, internet access, LCD projector and audio speakers, as well as a user-friendly set of instructions. You can find out what equipment is in your assigned classroom and read the instructions ahead of time here: Classroom Equipment

Audio Visual Services also also provides an emergency hotline in case you have any difficulty with the classroom technology. If you need this assistance dial local extension 6601 or call the main switchboard 457-6788. Tech support personnel will be dispatched to your classroom within a very short period of time.

Distance courses uses a variety of platforms for teaching including Moodle and Elluminate Live. If you are teaching via distance please speak to your Department Chair and/or the staff in Distance Learning for detailed information about how these technologies are used in Distantce courses.

The Audio-Visual Services branch of IT&S has a number of other audio/visual equipment (e.g., tv/vcr, projector, etc.) available for loan. For a full listing and the requisition form: Audio Visual Equipment Requisition .

What is Moodle? Do I need it? How do I get it?
Moodle is the open source, online, course management software used at the Mount. The Department of Distance Learning provides technical assistance and sets up Moodle sites for individual courses at the request of a faculty member. It is not required that you use a Moodle site for an on-campus course, but many students find it very useful and often ask the instructor to set up a Moodle site for the class.

Technical Support for Moodle can be found by contacting Hanaa Aboushahla at 457-6489 or hanaa.aboushahla@msvu.ca.

A student came to me looking for accomodation for a disability. What should I do?
The first thing you should do is ask whether the student has contacted the Disability Services Office. A student must be registered with the Disability Services office in order receive an accommodation for a disability. The staff in the Disability Services Office have the resources and the expertise to work with students who require accommodation for a disability. These staff will be in contact with the student’s instructors to discuss an accommodation plan. As an instructor, you will receive information about any accommodation plan intended to be implemented in your class from the Disability Services Office.

I am concerned about a student in my class. Where can I refer him/her to get help?
There are a variety of services available to assist students from confidential counselling, to financial planning assistane, to study skills and writing help, all free of charge. As a faculty member you can offer these services and if he/she wishes you can help make the initial contact.

I am worried about a student in my class who is having difficulty with English. She often seems confused in class and her first assignment was not well written. What should I do?
The International Students’ Office provides many support services for students, including language assistance for the academic context. You should contact or recommend that the student contact Nicolle Bowes in the International Education Centre at nicolle.bowes@msvu.ca or at Local X5405.