Dear Students,

Here at the International Education Centre, we are anxiously following the development and impacts of Hurricane Irma. For students with loved ones in the region affected, we are concerned about how you must be feeling about your family and friends back home. Please always remember that we are here to support you. If you want to get together as a group, we are happy to provide space in our lounge area. Just get in touch if you feel that would be helpful. We are happy to coordinate.

If you are experiencing anxiety, fear, anger, guilt, or any other emotions, please remember that you can get support from Counselling Services (located at EMF 127G). Sometimes, just talking to someone about how you are feeling can make a big difference. The wonderful team there provides a confidential service that is really centred around you, recognizing that you are watching this event from afar. I encourage you to reach out to them if you are comfortable.

You can make an appointment with Counselling Services by calling 902.457.6567 or emailing If you would like to see someone on the same day, there are 2 “urgent consultation” spaces each day. You can request one of those slots when you call, if you would like to be seen immediately.

Take care of yourselves,

Amy Braye
Manager, International Education Centre
(on behalf of your Mount family)