Ksenia KholinaKsenia Kholina, originally from Russia, embarked on a life-changing journey that led her to Mount Saint Vincent University in Nova Scotia, Canada. After pursuing a medical degree in Russia, Ksenia sought a path that aligned better with her values.

Throughout her life, Ksenia has been a passionate feminist, advocating for gender equity and women’s rights. MSVU’s strong commitment to the advancement of women and excellent program in Applied Human Nutrition resonated with her, drawing her to a place she had never visited before.

Upon arriving in Nova Scotia, Ksenia found a warm and welcoming community. The International Student Centre played a pivotal role in her transition to MSVU, offering thoughtful gestures such as airport pickups and early campus tours.

MSVU’s educational approach, emphasizing collaboration and open expression of opinions, differed greatly from Ksenia’s past experiences. She felt comfortable sharing her thoughts and felt valued for her contributions.

During her time as a student at MSVU, Ksenia received Research Nova Scotia’s Quest Award for greatest promise for health research in the province. As a graduate student, Ksenia examined breastfeeding and bottle-feeding experiences of Nova Scotian mothers under the supervision of Dr. Kyly Whitfield. She was also a part of several student societies and initiatives, including Health Insurance Advocacy Group, Academic Writing Club, Science Atlantic, Student Wellness Centre, Meal Exchange, and more. Further she was a Resident Assistant and then Don for the Birches and Westwood, overseeing a team of Resident Assistants and ensuring life in the residence is great for all students.

Today, Ksenia is a part-time professor and clinical dietitian. Her dream of teaching became a reality at MSVU, allowing her to inspire others while serving the community.

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