Sports photographer Dave Gallant leaning against a fence posing for a photo
Photo credit: Kate Gallant

If you’ve seen the MSVU Mystics varsity teams play recently, chances are you’ve also seen Dave Gallant.

From a corner of the MSVU gym or along a sideline, he never misses a moment (though he thankfully misses most of the balls headed for him!). For almost 9 years, Dave has been photographing the Mystics in action during cross country meets, and soccer, volleyball and basketball games. Along the way, he has captured the amazing moments and memories that tell the tale of our Mystics family, of which he’s a cherished member.

Dave bought his first digital camera in 2013 when his daughter Kate was playing basketball in high school. His connection to MSVU began just after that when Kate joined the Mystics Women’s Basketball team (a team she played with for five years).

Dave long had a passion for photography, but enjoyed a 38-year career as a processor/sorter for Canada Post (he knows just about every street name in HRM!). Today, he’s involved in most community sports as a photographer, working with Soccer NS, Basketball NS, Football NS, Tennis NS, the MWBA Halifax Hornets, Charles P. Allen High School, the MSVU Mystics and more. Though the Blue Jays are his favourite sports team, he has yet to do much photography work with local baseball leagues.

An active guy himself, Dave would rather bike than ride a car, and he doesn’t own a cell phone (in favour of an iPad). He was a runner in his earlier years, but bad knees made him turn to his bike. He loves to plank and, rumor has it, he has held one for 20 minutes and does one daily for at least 12 minutes.

The Mystics are grateful that Dave found his way to MSVU.

Follow Dave on Instagram (dwinston_photo) and Facebook (DW PHOTO).

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Two basketball players, one from MSVU and one from Mount Allison, in a basketball game
Photo credit: DWinston Photo / Dave Gallant