Morgan hussey standing beside a brick wall in a black blazerNot only has Morgan Hussey excelled in the classroom while at MSVU, but she’s also demonstrated exceptional leadership through her extensive involvement in a diversity of additional activities. Morgan is graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies.

This past winter, Morgan completed a directed study entitled Model United Nations in Canada that saw her serve as Head Delegate and Student Coordinator for the MSVU delegation that attended the 2024 North American Model United Nations (NAMUN) Conference in Toronto, her second time at the annual conference. Morgan was recognized with the NAMUN book award for the paper she submitted to the conference. She also attended the McGill Model United Nations Conference in January 2024, supported by her Marial Mosher Canadian Studies Travel Award.

In recognition of her academic success, Morgan was named a recipient of the Andrea and Charles R. Bronfman Award in Canadian Studies. This award enabled her to spend a week in Ottawa where she shadowed various Members of Parliament and Senators. And just this past April, she received the Dr. Larry Fisk Book Prize from the Department of Politics, Economics, and Canadian Studies for her outstanding work.

During her time at MSVU, Morgan has served as a Student Mental Health Support Worker (Peer Support) as part of the Stay Connected Mental Health Initiative; worked as a Resident Assistant; and worked as a Peer Advisor at the Centre for Academic Advising and Student Success.

Outside the MSVU community, Morgan’s been involved in 4-H and was named one of four Leadership Excellence Award of Distinction recipients from across Canada. She is also currently pursuing her gold-level Duke of Edinburgh Award. Additionally, Morgan has competed extensively in public speaking competitions, even representing Nova Scotia in the Canadian Young Speakers for Agriculture competition in Toronto.

Morgan will deliver her valedictory address during the spring 2024 convocation on Thursday, May 16 at 10 a.m. You can watch the ceremony via MSVU’s Facebook and YouTube pages. We asked Morgan to tell us more about her time at MSVU and what’s next for her. Read on to learn more about Morgan.

Hometown: Hebbs Cross, Nova Scotia

Degree being awarded: Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies

Why did you choose to study at MSVU?

I was drawn to MSVU because of its small class sizes and its student-to-faculty ratio. I came to MSVU as a transfer student so the Political Studies program in the Department of Politics, Economics, and Canadian Studies was another factor that drew me to MSVU as it was the major that I wanted to pursue. I wanted a university with a welcoming environment, small class sizes and a strong Political Studies program so MSVU was the perfect choice. I have had nothing short of an amazing experience and I can confidently say that I made the right choice when I transferred to MSVU.

Who are your academic and research mentors (either at MSVU or beyond)?

Dr. El Jones and Dr. Tammy Findlay have influenced my academics and research during my time at MSVU. Dr. El Jones supervised my directed study Contemporary Issues in Canadian Politics that I completed this winter. Dr. Jones also taught several impactful courses such as Decolonizing Political Theory. Dr. Tammy Findlay has influenced my academic writing and research skills through the various courses I have taken with her. Some of my favourites are Seminar on Canadian Issues; Government, Administration and Accountability; and Women, Social Policy, and the Welfare State.

What class, professor, project or learning activity held the most meaning for you? Why?

I completed a year-long directed study entitled Model United Nations in Canada under the supervision of Dr. Jeff MacLeod that was my most memorable learning experience. The directed study saw me serve as the Head Delegate and Student Coordinator for the MSVU Model United Nations delegation. In this position, I taught weekly lectures to the delegation, researched teaching methods and practices, and organized all aspects of the delegation’s conference experience.

The MSVU delegation for the Model United Nations in Canada


This experiential learning opportunity allowed me to attend North American Model United Nations at the University of Toronto as I led the delegation during the conference. At the conference, I was awarded the book award for my conference paper. Additionally, through this directed study I attended McGill’s Model United Nations held in Montreal, Quebec in January. This was such a meaningful experience that I will always remember and I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to both my directed study supervisor Dr. Jeff MacLeod and the Department of Politics, Economics, and Canadian Studies for making this possible.

What is your favourite location on campus and why?

The MacDonald Room in the library is one of my favourite places on campus. I have spent countless hours writing papers, researching, and completing assignments. It is a quiet environment paired with the natural light that makes it an ideal study space. A close second would be the McCain Atrium. It offers a more upbeat style of study space with light music and many different seating options for when I am looking for a more flexible study space.

Do you have any favourite stories about your time at MSVU?

Morgan Hussey and Senator Jane Cordy, standing in front of a glass windowOne of my favourite stories is of my week in Ottawa, Ontario as a result of being named the recipient of the Andrea and Charles R. Bronfman Award and the Marial Mosher Canadian Studies Award for my paper on “Recent revelations about Hockey Canada’s handling of sexual assault cases raise pressing questions about accountability and responsibility in the governance of sport. What is the appropriate relationship between culture, sport, and the state?”. In Ottawa, I shadowed Lena Metlege Diab (Member of Parliament for Halifax West) and Senator Jane Cordy. I visited the National Gallery of Canada, the Michaëlle Jean Foundation and met with professor Dr. Constance Backhouse of the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa.

My time as a Resident Assistant (RA) is another source of stories and memories. I was an RA for almost my entire time at MSVU. From team dinners and kayaking during training week to move-in day and making meaningful memories with my fellow RAs, being an RA will always be something that I remember. It has allowed me to form strong lifelong friendships with my fellow RAs and support residents during their time on campus.

What do you think differentiates MSVU from other post-secondary institutions?

Small class sizes and professor interactions are two aspects of my MSVU experience that differentiate it from other universities. All of my professors know me by name and they are only an email or an office hour visit away.

Do you have any advice for current students or people considering going to MSVU?

My best piece of advice would be to attend your professor’s office hours and make connections. MSVU faculty are passionate about what they teach, they’re here to help students succeed and to make your educational experience the best it can be. Make sure to take advantage of opportunities and connect with your professors. The connections I have made with my professors are something that I will always look back on from my time at MSVU.

Morgan Hussey alongside several Residence Advisors outside Assisi Hall in a group photoIf you are a prospective student or even a transfer student like myself, my best piece of advice would be to take the next step and accept your offer of admission to attend MSVU. Choosing the university where you will spend a large portion of your academic career can be scary, but MSVU is here to support you. From professors to administration and everyone in between there is no shortage of support and willingness to answer questions. Accept your offer of admission, embark on your educational journey, and don’t be afraid to reach out. We were all first-year students at one point, everyone has been in your shoes and we all want to see you succeed.

What will you miss most about your time at MSVU?

I fortunately don’t have to think about this just yet. I have been accepted into the Master of Education program at MSVU for the upcoming fall. When I do sadly depart from MSVU, I will miss the friends that I have made throughout my time here, the professors that have taught me so much, and the welcoming environment on campus – but I am not going to think about that just yet.

If you could share just one piece of advice with your pre-Mount self, what would it be?

As someone who transferred to MSVU, I would tell my pre-Mount self that everything is going to be okay and that you have found the right place. You have found the place where you will be happy, the place where you will make lifelong friends and the place where you will have professors who truly care about you and your academic success. I would tell my pre-Mount self to hurry up and accept her offer of admission because she is about to start the best university experience that she could have asked for.

What is your proudest accomplishment?

Morgan Hussey holding book award for her position paperWhen I look back on my time spent during my undergraduate degree and think about my accomplishments the one that I am most proud of is my degree itself which I could not have achieved without the support of the exceptional faculty from the Department of Politics, Economics, and Canadian Studies. Being a first-generation student and having to navigate university and the world of higher education myself has come with its challenges, but I have persevered and achieved my goals. I have completed my degree with a high-grade point average and have been accepted into a master’s program. Being a degree holder, and being educated, is my proudest accomplishment.

What does being named valedictorian mean to you?

As a first-generation student being named valedictorian means the world to me. Being chosen as valedictorian for such an exceptional graduating class is an honour. It is a privilege to serve as the representative for such a diverse and intelligent group of individuals.

What’s next for you?

I will be starting my Master of Education here at MSVU in the fall and will be continuing to work on several research projects. I can’t wait to see what grad school has in store for me.