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About People of MSVU

Launched in the fall of 2019, this series features photos and first-person narratives that tell the stories of the diverse people who make up our University community.

Mike Collins 
aka Pizza Mike
Pizza maker extraordinaire with Chartwell’s Rosaria Dining Hall 

 “What do pizza and Bette Davis have in common? They’re both inspirations for me. Twenty-one years ago I sweet talked my way into this job – I had never done this type of work. Before coming here, I had a successful showbiz career of 25 years. So having no experience in food service, I drew on what I knew. The pizza became the monologue, the heat lamps became my spotlight, the students my audience. Successful shows, successful pizza. It works, what can I say. The rest is history. Anyone can make a pizza. It’s about finding the right amount of love to make it good.”