Zak ZimmerDr. Zachary Zimmer has received a seven-year renewal on his Tier 1 Canada Research Chair in Global Aging and Community at Mount Saint Vincent University. Dr. Zimmer moved to Halifax to begin his Tier 1 CRC in July of 2016 and has since been the Director of the Global Aging and Community Initiative and Professor of Family Studies and Gerontology at MSVU.

Dr. Zimmer received a PhD in Sociology with a concentration in Social Demography in 1998 from the University of Michigan. He held positions at a number of universities and scholarly organizations before arriving at MSVU. Recent recognitions include:

  • being named one of the world’s top-ranking Social Sciences and Humanities scientist by;
  • a Research Excellence award by Mount Saint Vincent University;
  • an Isaac Manasseh Meyer Fellowship from the National University of Singapore; and
  • recognition for his outstanding research by the Journal of Gerontology.

Dr. Zimmer has been awarded extensive research funding from the Canadian Tri-Agencies, the U.S. National Institutes of Health, the United Nations, and several private funding organizations.

Broadly, his research applies a global demographic perspective to concerns of health and wellness of older persons worldwide. Recent endeavors include investigating religiosity and spiritualityGlobal Aging and Community Initiatives among older adults, effects of early-life wartime trauma on later-life health, trends in chronic pain, and intergenerational relationships in societies undergoing socio-demographic change.  He has published well over 100 articles in journals that cross disciplines, such as gerontology, sociology, demography, public health, medicine, and epidemiology.

Dr. Zimmer brings to MSVU a strong spirit of collaboration and a reputation for research excellence that extends globally.

Examples of Dr. Zimmer’s recent publications include:


Dr. Zachary Zimmer
Director, Global and Aging Initiative
Mount Saint Vincent University
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