Changing the future, one child at a time.

When you meet Tiana Murphy, it doesn’t take long to recognize her passion for working with children. Tiana says she’s known from a young age that teaching children would be her career.

Tiana, now a third-year Bachelor of Arts student in the Mount’s Child and Youth Study program, has an obvious and genuine love for helping children learn.

“The Mount was the only university I considered. My instincts were right.”

Tiana, a native of Nova Scotia, spent most of her childhood in theUnited States, where the majority of her family remains. With a dual-citizenship in hand, Tiana had always planned on attending the Mount after completing a Diploma in Early Childhood Education from the Kingstec campus of the Nova Scotia Community College (NSCC). Also referred to as the Mount’s ‘2+2 programs’, a number of articulation agreements with institutions such as NSCC make it possible for students to transfer up to two years of credits to the Mount. For Tiana, this meant starting her University career as a third-year student.

“Transitioning to the Mount was so easy,” says Tiana. “Here, you are given hands-on experience, personable professors and an amazing student life, all in one place. The Mount is the perfect place to feel like you belong to a family and a community.”

“The Mount’s 2 + 2 program has given me options.”

Outside of classes and studying, Tiana can often be found getting real, hands-on experience at the Willowbrae Childcare Academy in Dartmouth, NS. “It’s a place where I can really feel like I’m making a difference,” says Tiana. “The kids – they love you for you, and they appreciate everything you have to offer. It’s my favourite place to be.”

While school and work taking up most of her schedule, Tiana is set on making the most of her time at the Mount. “The Mount’s program is so flexible – I’m taking five classes and working three days a week.

Having the opportunity to take a class via distance has made a big difference – it’s helped me ensure I can fit everything in.”

“Helping teach those who are small is my ‘something big’.”

While she’s here on her own and away from family, Tiana feels supported at the Mount, noting she’s become a stronger and better person. “I continue to be motivated by the children I work with every day, and knowing my family is extremely proud of me.”

Looking to the future, Tiana sees more hands-on experience, while also preparing for more studying. “After I graduate, I hope to start a Bachelor of Education degree. I’ve discovered, through classroom experience, a world of potential in children. Having the chance to teach those who are small is how I’ve been able to be part of something big.”