Child and Youth Study Department Profile


Bachelor of Applied Arts (C&YS) program consists of 22 1/2 units of credit from a specified list of courses, including the successful completion of a supervised practicum.
From the Mount calendar: “The child and youth study program prepares students for careers in a wide variety of programs and services for children, youth, and families. Depending on their specialization, students are qualified for early childhood education / pre-school education, child day care, child and youth care, early intervention, child life, residential care and other programs and services for individuals and families with special needs.”

BAA Honours degree requires the completion of an honours thesis in the final year of the program , or an Honours Certificate may be earned after the award of a BAA (C&YS) degree.

MA (CYS) requires 5 units including a 1 unit thesis. The prerequisite is a 4 year Bachelor’s Degree in a social science area : early childhood, child & youth studies, psychology, education, social work, family studies, or sociology is preferred.


Collection Analysis:
Subject Areas
LC Class Ranges
Current Collecting Intensity using Collection Level Codes

Developmental Psychology
BF 712-724.85

includes: Child Psychology
BF 721-723



Recreation Services and Facilities
GV 181.35-182.5

Play. Physical Activity.
GV 423-452

Children’s Games and Amusements. Toys.
GV 1203-1220.7

Parents and Parenthood. Parent and Child.
HQ 755.7-759.92

Children. Child Development. History of Childhood.
HQ 767.8-792.2

Youth. Adolescents.
HQ 793.3-799.9

Protection Assistance Relief : Children, Youth
HV 701-1420.5

Child Study
LB 1101-1139

Early Childhood Education
LB 1139.2-1139.5

Preschool Education
LB 1140-1140.5

LB 1141-1489

Primary Education
LB 1501-1547

Exceptional Children and Youth
LC 3950-4806.5

Art – Study and Teaching
N 81-390

Hygiene and Care of Children
Physiology of Children and Adolescents
Newborn Infants: Physiology Care and Treatment
Diseases of Children and Adolescents
includes: Mental Disorders. Child Psychiatry.
RJ 1=570

RJ 101-103
RJ 125-145
RJ 251-325

RJ 370-550
RJ 499-507


Materials chosen from the Child and Youth Study allocation are used by faculty and students in Education, Family Studies & Gerontology, Psychology, Sociology, and Women’s Studies.

Materials are selected by faculty in Child and Youth Study. Librarians use the Reference allocation to chose handbooks, directories, specialized dictionaries and encyclopedias, bibliographies , and indexes. The librarians select government documents from Statistics Canada , from the federal and provincial Departments of Health, and from provincial Departments of Community and Family Services using the checklists issued by the depository services or by direct order, if necessary. Many government publications are now available on the internet.

Most materials selected are current print monographs with North American imprints. Journals are important resources; the library maintains a small but balanced collection of print serials in both child and youth study and early childhood education. A small number of videotapes are ordered and fully catalogued for the Novanet system. The Mount library subscribes to the full ERIC documents collection on microfiche and, since 1996, online. Donations of recently published material are accepted. Materials with Canadian imprints are most useful. Textbooks may be added to the collection if they are recently published or a newer edition of a work already in the collection.

Unpublished dissertations and manuscripts, workbooks and other consumables, lab manuals, popular works without academic interest, collections of journal reprints. The Mount Archives does accept copies of honours papers.

Other Local Collections:
Dalhousie University: Kellogg Health Sciences, Killam and Science libraries. Patrick Power Library – Saint Mary’s University.