LucyFisher1Lucy Fisher, a first year Bachelor of Public Relations student, is also a member of the Mount’s Student Ambassador program. The program aims to provide current students the opportunity to share their experiences with future Mount students. Below, Lucy reflects on her journey to the Mount and what she experienced as she was preparing for university. Learn more about Lucy and other student ambassadors »

Last year I was a grade 12 student at Cobequid Educational Centre in Truro, Nova Scotia. As a graduating student, I had no clue what I wanted to do in university, let alone the rest of my life. I was very hesitant to start applying to schools, but when I visited the Mount’s table at my high school university fair, I was informed about the Public Relations program. I knew immediately that this was the program and the school for me.

When I started the process of applying to the Mount, I had no idea what to expect, what forms to fill out or what deadlines were or who had to be paid what. I soon found out, though, that the Mount made it very easy for me. I had help through every stage, whether through email, reminders or even phone calls. I even knew what stage my application was in. I appreciated this service, and it definitely eased my nerves about university.

Last summer, when it came closer to class time, I started to feel anxiety about leaving home and starting school. The main cause was fear of not being in the right classes, and being unaware of the requirements I needed for the PR program. My solution to this problem was calling the school and setting up an appointment with my academic advisor.

It was totally easy and my advisor made time for me to come in that same week. At the appointment, my advisor laid out exactly what I needed for my first year courses, and then walked me through the registration process. Knowing that I could always come for help was a huge stress relief and made the process a lot easier.

When I first came to the Mount in September I had a great head start because I had come taken a campus tour. I also attended both Open Campus Day and Explore the Mount. Events like these were great for me, because they made me feel more comfortable at the Mount before I was even a student.

A great service they offered at the early registration event was getting your photo taken for your student ID. This meant that I had my ID ready for me when I got to school, which made the first few days a lot easier and made for a lot less time waiting in line. I would absolutely suggest that anyone attending or considering attending the Mount next year should attend these events. There are even sessions for parents.

Another thing I would suggest to any new students would be to join the Mount’s Facebook group or follow them on Twitter. This makes it easier to meet people in your program, get your questions answered and even find second hand textbooks.

If you are reading this now, and some of this anxiety sounds familiar, don’t fret! The Mount is a great university, with plenty of support and services to make your transition from high school to university an easy one. Hope to see you on campus soon!