Four passionate students look back on their unique Mount experiences.

It’s no secret: the Mount’s small campus is filled with passionate students finding their own big opportunities. But what’s the secret behind their success? We recently caught up with a few dedicated students to learn more about how the Mount helped them soar beyond even their own expectations.


Kaitlin Baur, BA Honours (Psychology)

“I came in as an artist and left a scientist. I’ve gone from wanting to become an art therapist to moving away from clinical psychology all together in favour of experimental research. The support system I gained while attending the Mount definitely changed my life for the better.” [full interview]

Phil Aucoin, BA Honours (Psychology)

“I had the opportunity to complete a Directed Study that was part of a new program initiated by the Association of Psychological Science (APS). Overall findings will be published in an article in Perspectives on Psychological Science and I am going to be one of the cited authors —something I never thought I would have had the chance to accomplish as an undergraduate.” [full interview]

Amy Boudreau, BEd, MEd, MA

“My understanding of both myself and of the fundamental purpose of education have changed and evolved; I have become a much more critical thinker and engaged community member. I have developed confidence in myself as a learner, a teacher and a leader.” [full interview]

Brandon Gheller, BSC, MScAHN

“The conference represented a culmination of two years of work and allowed me to present my research to other students and professionals as well as be recognized by the professional body I was graduating into as the national recipient of the Morgan Medal.” [full interview]

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