2018 MSVU teaching award winnersCelebrating outstanding teaching

At the Mount’s 2018 spring convocation, the Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning (SCOTL) announced the recipients of the 2018 Mount Saint Vincent University Teaching Excellence Awards. The President and Vice-Presidents’ Advanced Career Teaching Award, the Alumnae Early Career Teaching Award, and the Alumnae Part-Time Teaching Award were presented to Ms. Denyse Rodrigues of the Library, Dr. Tracy Moniz of the Communication Studies department and Dr. Katie Aubrecht of the Family Studies and Gerontology department, respectively.

The awards were introduced at last spring’s convocation. They were established to recognize teaching excellence at every level, including senior and junior full-time faculty and part-time faculty. And they reflect the University’s strong commitment to leadership in teaching and learning.

Mount community members were invited to nominate professors, librarians and laboratory instructors who demonstrate teaching excellence. The nominations could be submitted by individuals or groups, and invited people to think about best teaching practices.

This year, seventeen talented and committed Mount educators were nominated. “It is wonderful that teaching excellence is so widely recognized and valued in our university community,” said Dr. Elizabeth Church, Vice-President Academic and Provost.

Denyse RodriguesThe President and Vice-Presidents’ Advanced Career Teaching Award: Ms. Denyse Rodrigues, Library

Ms. Denyse Rodrigues, a member of the Mount’s Library staff, received the President and Vice-Presidents’ Advanced Career Teaching award in recognition of her exceptional contribution to student success, with a focus on accessibility and personalized support.

Ms. Rodrigues has shown strong commitment to supporting students in online learning by teaching and assisting in the research process, including navigating online archives and resources. By creating a supportive environment, and using teaching practices that respond to individual students’ needs and interests, she creates a personalized approach that helps students make the most of their learning.

Tracy MonizThe Alumnae Early Career Teaching Award: Dr. Tracy Moniz, Communication Studies

A very deserving recipient for this year’s Alumnae Early Career Teaching Award, Dr. Tracy Moniz of the Communication Studies department describes teaching as one of the “great joys” in her life.

Dr. Moniz stands out in her field as an innovative and thoughtful writing instructor at all levels. Her inventive approach is student-focused, using tools such as peer-mentorship and student portfolios to bring students to the forefront of their learning. It’s an approach that has a profound impact on students; one former student credits Dr. Moniz with being instrumental in helping them “find their voice.” In short, her passion for her field is contagious in the classroom and an inspiration to her students.

Katie AubrechtThe Alumnae Part-Time Teaching Award: Dr. Katie Aubrecht, Family Studies and Gerontology

Dr. Katie Aubrecht of the Family Studies and Gerontology department – this year’s recipient of the Alumnae Part-Time Teaching Award – makes learning accessible by engaging students both inside and outside the classroom.

Dr. Aubrecht’s teaching approach is informed by race and culture, class, gender, sexuality, disability and age. Lessons are enriched by taking field trips to apply learning outside of classroom walls and experience theory in practice. She has been described as a caring professor whose style is “leading edge and transformative.” In addition to her outstanding teaching efforts, Dr. Aubrecht is recognized by her peers as a generous colleague who is always willing to share her expertise.

Congratulations to this year’s recipients!