On November 11, we remember.

Did you know that MSVU is home to researchers whose work seeks to inform the experiences of veterans and military family members?

Dr. Maya Eichler, Professor and Canada Research Chair, is the director of the Centre for Social Innovation and Community Engagement in Military Affairs at MSVU. The mission of the centre is to contribute creative ideas to research and public debate on military and defence policy through a focus on gender, citizenship, communities, and social innovation.

Through the Centre, Dr. Eichler’s current areas of research focus include: gender, sexual violence, and the Canadian Armed Forces; veterans policy and the transition from military to civilian life in Canada; and community-engaged research on war.

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Dr. Deborah Norris, professor in the Department of Family Studies and Gerontology, has made it her life’s work to research the challenges faced by military families, in particular military spouses. Along the way, her work has had powerful impact on programs, policy, and – most importantly – people.

Dr. Norris was part of a team that helped shape the Halifax Military Family Resource Centre in its earliest days.

Today, she studies the everyday experiences of family members who support either Canadian Armed Forces members or veterans through the various opportunities and challenges that a military career provides. She is studying caregiving, health and work in military families, the experiences of single parents serving in the military, the experiences of female serving members in the CAF balancing work and family needs, military family resilience, the military-to-civilian transition, and post-traumatic growth in veteran family relationships.

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