Effective today, Mount Saint Vincent University (MSVU) students and graduates will have 24/7 direct access to transcripts via the MyCreds™ platform. A second phase of the project will make additional academic documents available via MyCreds™ soon (e.g. acceptance letters and credentials).

The MyCreds™ platform is provided through the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) National Network.

Through MyCreds™, students will be able to access and share their academic documents with other colleges and universities, government, employers and third parties securely and conveniently. Documents issued through MyCreds™ are tamper-evident and cryptographically signed, making them authentic and official.

Stephanie Hale, University Registrar“At MSVU, we prioritize access and impact for all, and so we were keen to implement this new technology to make it easier for students and graduates to access the official documents they need as part of their academic and career journeys,” says Stephanie Hale, University Registrar at MSVU (pictured). “We’re thrilled that we can now offer a new, modern way for students and graduates to view, receive and share these documents.”

“The national registrars’ association, ARUCC, is excited to see Mount Saint Vincent University join in the ARUCC MyCreds™ national network,” says Romesh Vadivel, ARUCC MyCreds™ Project Board Director. “As one of the vanguard institutions in the province to launch on MyCreds™, students will immediately benefit from the access to their academic documents in real time, paving the way to support their journey to jobs and further studies.”

When students and graduates request a document from the MSVU Registrar’s Office (via the transcript request form), they will receive instructions on how to set-up their MyCreds™ account. There is an FAQ available on the MSVU website.

MyCreds logo - the logo reads MyCreds.caMSVU’s launch of MyCreds™ is a part of the larger strategy of the Council of Nova Scotia University Presidents (CONSUP) called ‘PSE Solutions for Nova Scotia’s Future.’ Thank you to CONSUP for their leadership on this important initiative and to the Nova Scotia Department of Advanced Education for their financial support.

About MyCreds™

The ARUCC MyCreds™ | MesCertif™ National Network is a shared service and platform that provides students and graduates access to a secure, online, password protected learner credential wallet. This virtual wallet allows them to view and share their verified and official transcripts, credentials, and academic documents in a digitized format on a 24/7 basis – anytime, anywhere. Secure, cryptographically signed documents can be sent conveniently and require no further verification. MyCreds™ is the first and only national bilingual system of its kind in Canada. Visit www.mycreds.ca for more details or contact ARUCC’s Executive Lead, Joanne Duklas at info@aruccnationalnetwork.ca.


The Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) owns MyCreds™. ARUCC provides leadership in the post-secondary education field and service to its member institutions nationally and internationally, helping foster the advancement of registrarial practices and learner focused service delivery in Canada.

Media contacts

Gillian Batten, Director of Communications, MSVU, Gillian.Batten@msvu.ca, 902-457-6439
Joanne Duklas, Executive Lead, ARUCC, info@aruccnationalnetwork.ca

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