Dr Patty Williams of Food ARC

Dr. Patty Williams, Director of the Food Action Research Centre (or FoodARC) at Mount Saint Vincent University and Professor in the department of Applied Human Nutrition, was recently named the 2019 recipient of the Canadian Association for Food Studies’ (CAFS) Award for Excellence in Public Service. The award is presented at the CAFS assembly every 2-3 years.

Dr. Williams is a founding member of CAFS, which was established in 2005 and “promotes critical, interdisciplinary scholarship in the broad area of food systems: food policy, production, distribution and consumption.” (http://cafs.landfood.ubc.ca/en/sample-page-2/)

As noted in Dr. Williams’ nomination: This award is “a fitting recognition of the groundbreaking contributions she has made to the public good over her 18-year career as a food studies scholar, educator, and leading advocate for food security in Canada and internationally.” The award also recognizes Dr. Williams’ commitment to mentoring students in the Mount’s Applied Human Nutrition program.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Williams acknowledged all those who have been a part of her work. “This certainly would not have been possible without significant commitment, support, and guidance from many people and organizations,” she said. “These are the people I am representing in accepting this award – the many people and organizations who have poured their hearts, minds and spirits into this work, those we sometimes affectionately call the family and friends of FoodARC.”

About FoodARC

The Food Action Research Centre (FoodARC) at MSVU is a leader in community-based participatory action research. Through this research, FoodARC continues the strong tradition of MSVU by working collaboratively with those affected by food insecurity to enhance the welfare of individuals and communities. Under the direction of Dr. Williams, FoodARC embodies MSVU’s commitment to social responsibility, the advancement of women, and preparing students for global citizenship.