Welcome to a new academic year at Mount Saint Vincent University – this time of year is a favorite of mine in that it brings with it a sense of renewal, of anticipation, and of opportunity – all good things in my book!

It’s also the season of unpredictable weather. What a first weekend we’ve had. I was able to visit with staff and resident students on Sunday and the focus by the team on getting the campus ready for a safe return for all and the understanding from our students was impressive. Thanks to everyone for your patience.

I hope you’ve all had some well-deserved rest this summer, including good company and great adventures – whatever rejuvenates you and readies you for a return to school and work.

As we look to the coming year, I want to share that one of the activities that will be keeping me busy is the development of a new strategic plan for MSVU. Late last spring, a new Strategic Planning Working Group was formed, including student, faculty, staff and Board of Governors representatives. With input from this group, an approach was developed to guide a thorough consultation of our University community this fall.

Please read on to learn about the important role YOU play in our next strategic plan.

Why a strategic plan?

A strategic plan is a useful exercise both for its process and its outcome.

As we seek to identify our shared institutional priorities, we’ll first engage in a thoughtful consultation with an expansive list of constituent audiences. We’ll ask questions about recent goals, partnerships, organizational attributes and aspirations, factors affecting the University, and more.

Based on the input gathered, our new strategic plan will ultimately articulate our way forward. It will be a statement about the unique contributions our University can and will make within an evolving context. The needs of our students, employees, communities and world are changing – and we need to be prepared to influence and respond.

In the end, our new strategic plan will also be a tool against which we can assess our progress as an institution. It will be operationalized, monitored and measured.

Why YOUR input matters

MSVU is its people. And MSVU is a community within a community – as individuals and as an institution we are local and global citizens and we need to ensure those perspectives form the basis of our direction.

And just as the input of many will form our plan, the actions of many will be its success. Ultimately, it is our shared work – as MSVU students, faculty, researchers, staff, senior administrators, alumnae, supporters, partners, and others – that will put our strategy into action.

How you can participate

You can share your input on MSVU’s next strategic plan in several ways. A feedback form is available on the MSVU website. As well, we will be hosting a town hall-style gathering to engage in planning dialogue this fall – stay tuned for date and location information. We will also be reaching out to MSVU groups, existing committees, and partners to ensure we secure their input as part of our consultation process.

Thank you in advance for adding your voice to this important conversation about the future of our MSVU.

New and noteworthy

As we renew our strategic plan for MSVU, I’m thrilled to welcome three new leaders to the University: our new Vice President Academic and Provost Dr. Julie McMullin, Vice President Administration Mustansar Nadeem, and Dean of Arts and Science Carrie Dawson. I’m confident that they will bring great leadership to their respective portfolios – we are fortunate to have them.

Of course, the wheels of progress never stop moving at MSVU and I’d like to draw your attention to a great summary of some recent University improvements. We’ve done some exciting things to benefit the MSVU community these past few months and Paula Barry has summarized them wonderfully. Please give her message a read.

Wishing you all a wonderful new academic year – I look so forward to experiencing it with you!


Dr. Mary Bluechardt
President and Vice-Chancellor
Mount Saint Vincent University