Dr. Ardra Cole InsideOn January 4, 2011, Dr. Ardra Cole joined the Mount community as Associate Vice-President, Academic and Research.

Dr. Cole completed a Bachelor of Education at the Mount, and was brought back by many shared values and goals with the University, including social justice and the advancement of women.

Growing up in Halifax, Dr. Cole cherished a strong emotional connection to Nova Scotia, and enjoyed the quality of life on the East coast. Combining this passion with her love for the University made re-joining the Mount community an exciting prospect.

“Halifax is home to me,” Ardra noted. “I wanted to be part of a small university where people matter; where you know and recognize everyone, and where you can be a part of a community. The great thing about the Mount is its size, its applied nature and the pride it takes in teaching and innovative thought.”

Dr. Cole is readily prepared for her position at the Mount, drawing specifically on 25 years experience in various university settings. She is experienced in graduate student supervision and is committed to  developing faculty and student engagement in research activities and inquiry-based learning.

Ardra’s early career focused on research in teacher development, looking at the way teachers understood  themselves in their role, and the impact of school structures on teachers’ development. Most recently, Ardra completed research in the area of caregiving and Alzheimer’s disease.

At the Mount, Dr. Cole’s role relates to facilitating and supporting research. “I’m looking forward to assisting as many faculty and student researchers as possible”, says Ardra. “I hope to maximize their potential and to help them find their niche in research”. 

The research being conducted at the Mount has positive implications for the University, the larger community. Dr. Cole has a clear mission to showcase the Mount’s research activities and to foster a culture of research excellence. “Helping people make research happen is a privilege,” she says. “My career has prepared me for this exciting position. I love what I do and I won’t hold back.”

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