External Funding Sources

Awards and Scholarships

There are many non-MSVU awards and scholarships from external sources/organizations and companies. MSVU does not administer them, nor take responsibility for their award criteria, selection &/or deadlines. Always read all eligibility conditions and apply at your own risk.

Emergency Loans

The Mount has an limited amount of funding available to offer short-term, repayable emergency loans to full-time students experiencing unforeseen expenses (i.e. costs that you could not have anticipated).

Emergency loans cannot be used to cover any outstanding MSVU tuition &/or fees (including residence fees/charges), and are only available in the Fall and Winter terms.

Bank Loans (Line of credit)

A bank line of credit is a loan obtained through a banking institution. Each bank or lending institution will have different loans, interest rates and requirements. Students are encouraged to apply for a government student loan first.

Specific Student Groups

The mount also has supports in place for specific student groups, such as Aboriginal Students and African Nova Scotian Students. Students may also want to reach out to these supports (through the Black Student Support at MSVU, as well as the Aboriginal Student Centre).