MSVU public lecture series offered in partnership with the Halifax Public Libraries

Following last year’s very successful community lecture series on China, a team of faculty and staff at Mount Saint Vincent University is pleased to present “Explore China! Series II” for winter 2020.

The lectures will take place at the Keshen Goodman Library, 330 Lacewood Drive. All are welcome!

Series II will feature lecturers who have all worked in both China and Canada. Reflecting on their rich cross-cultural experiences, the lecturers will explore various facets of historical and contemporary China, such as its cuisine, social life and customs, international trade, social status of women, traditional philosophy and wisdom, language and arts, cultural gaps between China and Canada, and intercultural communications.

The lecture dates and session topics are as follows (all sessions are from 2 to 3 p.m.):

  • Jan 17 – Dim Sum: The Significance and Art of Chinese Brunch
    Presented by Ashley-Jane Chow, International Business Development Consultant, Recruitment
  • Jan 24 – Trading with China: From Treaty Ports to The Trump Trade War
    Presented by Professor Michael Whalen, Department of Business and Tourism
  • Jan 31 – The Changing Role of Women in Chinese Society
    Presented by Dr. Gabrielle Durepos, professor in the Department of Business and Tourism
  • Feb 7 – Interesting Phenomena of Opposition in Thinking Patterns between Chinese and English
    Presented by Mahx Mason, International Partnerships Coordinator, International Education Centre
  • Feb 14 – Chinese Astrology: An Introduction to Zi Wei Dou Shu (Purple Star Astrology)
    Presented by Dr. Shuyue Huang, professor in the Department of Business and Tourism
  • Feb 21 – Cultural Challenges for Chinese Professionals in Canadian Workplaces
    Presented by Dr. Tianyuan Yu, professor in the Department of Business and Tourism