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Construction Bulletin #339

McCain Centre – Rock Blasting, Parking, Road Closure

Rock Blasting

The initial construction site preparation plans did not include rock blasting. Recent work on the site now indicates that rock blasting will be required. Blasting is expected to last three days commencing May 23, with a series of small blasts throughout each day. A safety horn will be sounded before and after each blast.


The existing parking lot on the north side of Seton Annex will be extended by approximately 80 feet, replacing parking spots formerly located at the site of the new building. This will require the removal of some trees; however, a buffer of trees between the Mount and our residential neighbours on Melody Drive will remain. During the construction of the new parking area, which will take place during the month of June, there will be a temporary disruption to the upper part of the existing parking lot next to Seton Annex to allow for necessary trucks and equipment.

Road Closure

At the beginning of the construction period, the pedestrian pathways from Rosaria to EMF were closed and pedestrians were directed to use the road that leads from the lowest Rosaria parking lot (where the sidewalk ends) to the EMF parking lot. On a trial basis, this road was barricaded and made no longer accessible by vehicles. To ensure the safety of pedestrians using this temporary walking path, this closure will remain in effect for the remainder of the construction period.

Updates and questions

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