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Due to the collaboration and innovation of three Nova Scotian Universities, students are now able to study for their PhD in Educational Studies for the first time in Nova Scotia.

The Inter-University Doctoral Program in Educational Studies, which is the only one of its kind in the region, is a shared venture between Acadia University (Acadia), Mount Saint Vincent University (the Mount), and Saint Francis Xavier University (StFX).

This will be the inaugural doctoral degree offering for all three universities and builds on an already strong reputation of their graduate study offerings. The inter-university program will allow students to stay in the region to further their education and it will attract students to Nova Scotia. In addition, it will lead to an advanced research base in educational studies in the province and beyond – research that could very well affect curricula development and public policy on the education system.
“This is a very exciting time for us,” says Jim Sharpe, Chair of the Inter-University Committee on Teacher Education, Doctoral Committee and Dean of the Faculty of Education at the Mount. “Initiating this program together is a great way to show our joint commitment to providing quality education for Nova Scotians. It serves as a model of inter-university collaboration and innovation.”

The program will be delivered through intensive summer sessions and through residency at each university. The degree has been designed to be among the best in the country, anticipating the attraction of top doctoral candidates.

“The program will include a mix of courses related to the foundations of educational inquiry, research methodologies, theories, and methods, in addition to a Comprehensive Portfolio and a Dissertation,” says Sharpe.

Students will graduate from the university that is home for their supervisor. Their program of study will be delivered using on-site and e-learning at all three campuses throughout the duration of their degree.

Applications for the PhD in Educational Studies will be accepted until Nov. 15, 2010, with decisions being made in March 2011. Classes begin in July 2011.

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