Scholarships for MSVU Students

We have many scholarship opportunities that recognize outstanding academic performance and help with the cost of going to university.

What are the different types of scholarships?

The Mount has a number of different scholarships available and some of these require you to complete an application.

How do I apply?

  • Look up whether you are eligible for undergraduate or graduate scholarships (based on program)
  • Review the requirements for entrance (starting the program) or in-course (continuing student) scholarship
  • Read each scholarship’s information to see whether you are automatically considered, or if there is a specific application that needs to be completed
  • Ensure that your application is completed before the deadline

International Student Funding

International students are eligible for most funding through the Mount in both scholarships (merit-based awards) and bursaries (awards based upon your finances). If you are coming directly from high school, you may be eligible for entrance scholarships which are automatically considered based upon admission, and can also apply for our bursary programs (see Financial Aid for more information). Government Student Loan funding in Canada is not available to International students.

Awards & Prizes of Merit

Prizes and awards are given to in-course students for particular achievements. Please note that the listing of awards and prizes is accurate, but that changes may occur.


An assistantship is funding that enables graduates or undergraduates to work with individual professors.