Inclusive Post-Secondary Education at the Mount

MountAbility is an inclusive post-secondary education program that welcomes students with diverse abilities to explore academic interests, engage in lifelong learning and make meaningful connections within the Mount community. With guidance and consideration to the transition process, students complete an individualized program that allows them to work towards a certificate of completion in their chosen areas of study.

Organized under the Mount’s Faculty of Education and made possible with support from the Nova Scotia Department of Labour and Advanced Education, MountAbility is the second inclusive post-secondary education site in Nova Scotia, and the first one in the Halifax Metro area. A limited number of students per year are entered into the MountAbility program.

Who can access the MountAbility Program?

MountAbility participants must be motivated to learn in a university setting, have an interest in engaging in university undergraduate studies and be able to collaborate with faculty and staff to make decisions about their program goals. The MountAbility program is not a day program. Students will travel to campus to attend classes, are encouraged to take part in campus events and get involved in the Mount community.

What is expected of participants?

Students typically enroll with participatory audit status for up to three courses per term and complete assignments that are modified according to their personal goals, strengths and interests. Students are expected to attend class and participate in their education by engaging with peers, tutors and faculty on a regular basis. Students may enroll in courses for up to five years and work to build a skills-based portfolio to showcase their accomplishments. Students who complete their courses and portfolio can graduate with a certificate of completion during spring or fall convocation.

What supports do students in the MountAbility program receive?

All Mount students, including students participating in the MountAbility program, have access to the Mount’s Student Services. Students work with MountAbility staff to find courses to match their goals and can meet regularly with a tutor. Incoming students are encouraged to attend campus orientation and other student events.

How do I apply?

Candidates are welcome to email the MountAbility coordinator to complete an application one term in advance of their preferred study period. Once the application is submitted, the applicant will be contacted by a member of the MountAbility staff to arrange an in-person meeting. Students meet with the program coordinator and faculty to discuss their goals, course interests and transition considerations. Students will independently meet with the MountAbility coordinator before the start of a term to explore the campus, organize a weekly study schedule and set goals for the term.

Enrolment is limited each term. Please note that residence and housing considerations are not included as part of the MountAbility program at this time.