What is a visiting student?

Visiting Students are individuals from another University who have received formal approval to take courses here at the Mount to be transferred back to their home institution.

How can I find the Mount’s current course offerings?

Search our timetable via Course Search Self Service form to see what the Mount is currently offering.

How do I become a visiting student at the Mount?

Here are the steps you need to take in order to become a visiting student here at the Mount:

  1. Obtain an approved Letter of Permission (LOP) from your home university. The form must indicate the approved course(s), number of credits, and include the appropriate signature(s).
  2. Download and complete the Visiting Student Application/Registration form. An application fee is not required. Please refer to the Mount timetable via Course Search Self Service for course numbers and sections so that you can accurately complete the registration section of the form.
  3. Submit the Visiting Students Application/Registration form and your Letter of Permission to the Registrar’s Office (see contact information below).
  4. We will check your forms for completeness and register your course selection(s).
  5. Once you are registered you can arrange for payment with Financial Services and get set up with a myMount account and email address with the IT&S helpdesk.

Download the Visiting Student Application/Registration Form