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Advanced Placement Program

The Mount participates in the Advanced Placement Program administered by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey.

Students may receive transfer credits for the following Advanced Placement Examinations provided they have achieved grades of four or five: Biology, Computer Studies, Economics, English, Mathematics, Political Studies, Psychology and Spanish.

 Advanced Placement Course  Transfer Credit
 Art History  1.0 unit of CULS (Cultural Studies elective) at the 1000 level 
 Biology BIOL 1152 & BIOL 1153
 Calculus MATH 1113 & MATH 1114
 Chemistry CHEM 1011 & CHEM 1012
 Computer Science CMPS 1155 & CMPS 2255
 Economics ECON 1101 & ECON 1102
 English 1.0 unit of ENGL (English elective) at the 1000 level
 Environmental Science  1.0 unit of SCIE (Science elective) at the 1000 level 
 French 1.0 unit of FREN (French elective) at the 1000 level
 History 1.0 unit of HIST (History elective) at the 1000 level
 Physics PHYS 1101 & PHYS 1102
 Political Studies POLS 1001 & POLS 1002
 Psychology PSYC 1110 & PSYC 1120
 Spanish SPAN 1101 & SPAN 1102
 Statistics MATH 2208 & MATH 2209


The above is intended as a guide only. Transfer credits are evaluated on an individual basis and will vary depending on each student’s personal academic program.

For more information concerning your application and transfer credits, please contact the Admissions Office at 902-457-6117.