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Florence MacLean Kanary Scholarship in Education
Established by the friends and family of Florence MacLean Kanary, a Mount alumna. Taking her teaching responsibilities seriously and being a constant learner, Florence completed her Med in 1989 and Post Master courses in 1994 at Mount Saint Vincent University. This scholarship is awarded annually to a Bachelor of Education student who demonstrates a high level of professionalism and commitment both in academic work and practicum experiences.

Heather Jackson Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Established by Dr. Michael J. B. Jackson in memory of his mother. The Heather Jackson Memorial Scholarship is an entrance scholarship for a student who has demonstrated both need and outstanding academic achievement and who is entering an education degree program at Mount Saint Vincent University. 

John Frederick Knodell Scholarship
Awarded to a female student in the first year of the BEd Elementary program, who was born in Nova Scotia and who is a graduate of Dalhousie University. The award is determined, on the basis of the student’s undergraduate record at Dalhousie.  

Linda (MacIntyre) Brown Scholarship in Education
Established by Linda (MacIntyre) Brown, BSc ’67, BEd ’68 and her husband Hugh Brown. This scholarship is awarded annually in consultation with the Faculty of Education to a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Education degree program.
Mary Lou Redmond Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Established by the many friends, relatives and colleagues of Mary Lou Redmond (BA/BEd '76, MEd '82). A Halifax city teacher, community worker, devoted wife and mother, and ardent feminist, Mary Lou was active with the Nova Scotia Teacher's Union and was instrumental in establishing the Women in Education Committee. She was also involved with advancement programs for the mentally challenged and was a committed member of her church. This scholarship is available to mature students enrolled in the education program who have demonstrated both a commitment to the advancement of women and consistently high academic standards.

Sister Agnes Paula Hatchette Scholarship
Established by her sister Dorothy West, to recognize Sister Agnes Paula’s life-long commitment to reading and literacy.  Sister Agnes Paula completed a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education at the Mount in 1960 and a Master of Education at Boston College in 1966. She had a 43 year teaching career which included 24 years in the Faculty of Education at the Mount and continued to volunteer with children’s reading programs in retirement. This scholarship is awarded annually in consultation with the Faculty of Education to a student enrolled in the first or second year of the Bachelor of Education (Elementary) degree program. Preference will be given to a student with demonstrated financial need, pursuing studies in curriculum and instruction in language arts and reading at the elementary level.

Students applying must submit the following:

  • A short essay (max. 2 pages or 500-600 words) in which they articulate why literacy is important for elementary school students or the importance of literacy in our society. Applicants should include a letter of support for their English language arts from their practicum.
  • A statement of financial need. 

Sister Mary Olga McKenna Jubilee Endowed Scholarship
Established by family and friends to mark her retirement from the Mount after fifty years of service to the teaching profession. Normally available to students with a Prince Edward Island heritage entering the pre-service teacher education year and awarded on the recommendation of the Faculty of Education.

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