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Tuition and General Policies

Outstanding Fees

No student will be permitted to register who has an outstanding and overdue balance owing to the university. Transcripts and grades will not be issued to students having an overdue account balance with the university. Graduating students with an outstanding account balance will not be allowed to participate in graduation, nor will their names be presented at the next graduation date until the account is fully paid.

Co-operative Education Students

Students enrolled in the co-operative education option of specified programs will be assessed as full-time students and, in addition, will be required to pay a co-op fee per work term. The co-op fee is intended to contribute to the costs of maintaining the co-operative education program. Since the co-operative education program operates on a twelve-month basis, students in the program will be assessed fees three times per year based on whether they are attending classes or are on work term. Student union fees and other ancillary fees will be assessed at the maximum rate, which will be split between the two terms of the academic year for payment purposes. Residence and meal plan arrangements for co-operative education students are available upon request.

International Students Health Plan

Any student who enters Canada on a student visa and registers at the University must purchase medical insurance coverage through the university unless she/he can provide satisfactory evidence, to Financial Services, that she/he is covered by MSI prior to September 11, 2019.  Students covered by MSI will be required to purchase the Student Unions’ medical plan if she/he is a full-time undergraduate student. Students sponsored by the Saudi Cultural Bureau will be able to opt out of the University Plans. Further information may be obtained from the Health Office. The health plan covers students for a full year beginning September 1st.

Tuition Fee Reduction Policy (Non-employees)

Please note that this policy refers to undergraduate tuition only.
When two or more siblings are each enrolled in their first undergraduate degree, are dependent upon their parents for support and maintenance, reside in the same household, and attend Mount Saint Vincent University simultaneously and full-time, full tuition is charged for the member with the highest tuition and half tuition is charged for each additional member.

If one of the siblings withdraws during the first term, the remaining sibling will be required to pay full tuition in the second term.

This policy cannot be applied in conjunction with any other discount program including those relating to staff dependents.

To apply for the sibling discount program, you must complete an application form once per academic year no later than September 30th if applying for the fall and winter term and January 31st if applying for the winter term only. The forms can be obtained from Financial Services. The discount does not apply to summer session fees.


Information regarding fee reduction may be obtained from the Human Resources Office in E. Margaret Fulton building. Please note that this policy refers to base tuition only. Distance learning fees and other fees where applicable are still to be paid by the employee. Also, certain conditions apply regarding completion of courses to maintain eligibility in the program. Please refer to the policy on the Human Resources intranet site to be aware of all terms and conditions regarding the tuition reduction policy.

Seniors Tuition Discount Policy

Students who turn 65 years of age prior to the start of the fall or winter term may register for undergraduate classes thereafter and receive a 50% discount from the base tuition in that and subsequent terms. Book charges, distance education administration fees, institute fees and other miscellaneous fees, where applicable, will be assessed and require payment.

Graduate Studies

Graduate students who plan on the thesis or project option must register and pay the full graduate tuition fee per unit value for the thesis. The tuition fee will cover a continuous period of 12 months from the beginning of the term of initial registration (September, January, May, July). Please check with Financial Services and your academic advisor regarding regulations for continuation of thesis.

Returned Cheques

All cheques made payable to Mount Saint Vincent University which are returned by the bank for any reason are subject to a charge of $20.  Repayment of a returned cheque must be by cash or money order. The university may cancel the registration of any student who issues such a cheque in payment of any fee.

Residence and Meal Plan Policies

Room Deposits

New students may not apply to residence until they have been accepted to the University. Residence information will accompany the acceptance package from the Admissions Office. A $200 deposit must be included with each completed online residence application submitted. If a student is not assigned a room, this deposit will be refunded. Once a room has been assigned to the student, an additional $300 deposit must be paid within two weeks of receiving a room assignment.

Returning students must pay a $300 deposit when selecting a room in Room Draw and then an additional $200 before leaving residence. Returning students can’t participate in the room draw unless they have paid all fees owing to the University.

All students withdrawing from their residence room who notify the Housing Office in writing, by May 31st will receive a refund of $200. No deposit refunds will be granted after the May 31st deadline.

For all residence students, except those living in Westwood apartment-style rooms and Birch 5, the deposit will be applied to the student account against fees owing for the room. For Westwood and Birch 5 residents, $300 of the deposit will be held as a damage deposit until the end of the academic year to cover any assessed damages (see Residence Penalties Policy). The remaining balance after the assessment of any damages will be refunded to the student.

Residence Penalties

Residence students are responsible for the condition of their room. They are responsible to pay for any damage caused either by themselves or their guests to their room or common areas. Students are also responsible to return their keys in tact at the end of the year. If keys are not returned, $10 per key/tag will be charged to them. Damages will be assessed before final marks are issued. Marks will not be released to students who have damage charges outstanding. If no one comes forward to claim responsibility for damage in common areas, charges will be assessed to all students in that residence.

Residence Waiting List

Students who are not assigned a room, but who wish to be put on a waiting list, must pay a $25 non-refundable application processing fee.