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Scholarship/Bursary Information

The Harrison McCain Scholarships/Bursaries are available annually to entering students attending University who have graduated from a high school in Canada. Each award has a program value of $16,000 payable over a four year course of study in the amount of $4,000 per year. The number of scholarships/bursaries available may vary from year to year. Renewal criteria to be met each year.

Attention Nova Scotia students!

We are aware that the current work-to-rule situation in schools in Nova Scotia is affecting your ability to get academic letters of reference. The Harrison McCain Foundation will accept two non-academic reference letters.  Non-academic reference letters can be from an employer, volunteer organization or an individual.

Harrison McCain

Criteria for the awards include:

  • 80% average after first term of Grade 12, based on university preparatory courses;
  • financial need;
  • a recognized initiative in funding your own education;
  • open to any high school student in Canada. Preference will be given to Canadian citizens and/or permanent residents.

Harrison McCain Scholarship Application (PDF)

Application Deadline : March 1