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Undergraduate scholarships are awarded one year at a time and are assessed and awarded on your most recent academic work. 

Entrance Scholarships

If you are a high school student with an average of 80 percent or more you will need to apply before March 1 to qualify for an entrance scholarship Students in the Advanced Placement or the International Baccalaureate program, International students and high school graduates who have not attended a post-secondary institution and are within one year of graduation will also be considered for entrance scholarships.

Currently taking applications for March 1, April 1 and August 1.

Diamond Jubilee Entrance Scholarships

Open to high school students and Mature students. Mature students entering the University for the first time or re‑entering to complete a first degree after a period away from study, are eligible for these Scholarships listed below.

In-Course Scholarships

 In-course awards are made to students on the basis of coursework completed at Mount Saint Vincent University. The overall eligibility criteria for in-course awards require a minimum GPA of 3.5 plus nomination by faculty.