Our Lady of Wisdom Chapel, in Evaristus Hall, has played an important role in the lives of many members of the Mount community over the years.  

Building on the legacy of our founders, the Sisters of Charity, we continue to meet the changing needs of our diverse student population. In the Fall, a task force with representation of faculty, students and administration, convened to explore options for future use of the Chapel. A representative group also reviewed the Mount’s campus ministry. Combining recommendations from both of these groups, a decision was made to renovate the Chapel and adjacent space. 

In partnership with the provincial and federal governments, the University is investing $3.4-million to upgrade and expand our labs and to provide more space for students in Evaristus. This will include space for multifaith contemplation and reflection that will meet the needs of our diverse group of students and the broader Mount community. 

The new space will also include a multi-purpose area to accommodate other student activities like student society meeting space, a graduate students’ study area and a learning commons. We are seeking funding for computers. With the addition of a second floor, the space will be 25 per cent larger and an elevator will ensure accessibility. 

Before changes get underway, we would like to invite you to celebrate the Chapel and its place in the Mount’s continuing story. Please join University Chancellor and Congregational Leader of the Sisters of Charity, Sister Donna Geernaert, and myself on Thursday, February 18 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm, in the Chapel. The celebration is open to all members of the Mount community.   

Some of the stained glass pieces from the Chapel will be incorporated into the new space, honouring our past and building it into our future. Other items will be donated to Saint Benedict Catholic Church in Clayton Park and the remaining items will be stored. Based on interest and feedback, we may also make items available by auction. 

Renovations will begin next month, to be completed by year end. During this time, events planned for the chapel will be relocated.