If you’ve walked through the fourth floor of Seton recently, you may have noticed a change to the popular Nunavut photo display. The new exhibit highlights photos taken by Mount Bachelor of Education students before and during their stay on Baffin Island, Nunavut as part of a travel bursary program.

Education Nanavut photo display (by Heidi Janes)Photo taken by Heidi Janes

Every year for the last decade, the Mount has sent five students who are interested in teaching in the North to Baffin Island, Nunavut as part of a four-week orientation experience. The initiative operates as a travel bursary program with the goal of sending more teachers to the region. Learn more about the program.

Education Nanavut second photo display (by Heidi Janes)

Photo taken by Heidi Janes

The new display showcases photos that originally appeared on blogs the students were encouraged to keep as a way to document their time in the North. “It gives a feel for what the experience is like from their perspective, both personally, in school and on the land,” explained Nick Newbery, Nunavut Teacher Practicum Program Coordinator at the Mount, and the person who started the program.

Education Nanavut photo display (by Chris Hunt)

Photo taken by Chris Hunt

Earlier this year, program alumni Emily Corkum and Iain Caldwell spoke to CTV about their experiences. Watch their full interview.