This fall, the Mount Saint Vincent University Research Office launched the MSVU Research Minutes video series to showcase research being conducted by MSVU faculty and students. The series aims to better connect researchers at MSVU with the wider community in order to maximize the impact of their research findings.

Traditionally, researchers have shared their knowledge through peer-reviewed journals or academic and professional conferences on a specific area of study. The MSVU Research Minutes video series is intended to assist researchers in building awareness and better communicating the value of their research with a broader audience through short, accessible features.

The series has featured faculty research from several departments, including Philosophy and Religious Studies, History, English, Child and Youth Study, Psychology, Canadian and Political Studies, Mathematics, Applied Human Nutrition, Biology, Education. Examples of topics covered in the series include:

  • A national study on family’s heath intentions following COVID-19, specifically whether families will choose to vaccinate when a coronavirus (or SARS-CoV-2) vaccine is developed. [More]
  • The work of poet and painter William Blake, Romantic Drama, and other Victorian writers. [More]
  • How government policies have shaped the lived experiences of Indigenous peoples in Atlantic Canada. [More]
  • The application graph theory to examine Facebook, telecommunications networks, and the neural networks of the brain. [More]
  • Witchcraft and The Nae We Shrines Tribunal in Accra, Ghana. [More]
  • Breastfeeding during ‘the first thousand days’ window, from conception through 2 years. [More]

MSVU Research Minutes are posted every Wednesday on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. All MSVU Research Minutes videos can found on the Research Communications page.