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“I am so happy I could cry! Thank you so much! This means A LOT to me!!! I really needed this!!!”

“This is great news and will alleviate some of our family’s financial stress this summer. Thank you to the MSVU community and alumni.”

“I just wanted to reach out and express my gratitude for the assistance from the Mount and donors during this difficult time. I truly appreciate the help.”

“Thank you so so much. This money will be very helpful. I am extremely grateful for this.”

These are the words of MSVU students who have recently received emergency financial support through the new President’s Student Relief Fund.

Since life as we knew it came to a halt in mid-March, the MSVU community has been working hard to help students keep their studies going.

It’s meant a rapid shift to online classrooms, sudden moves out of Residence, and jarring goodbyes to friends, professors, coaches and face-to-face support systems. True to form, and with the support of a community of faculty and staff, MSVU students have risen to these challenges in admirable ways.

Unfortunately, the pandemic has also meant significant urgent financial hardship for some.

Like countless others across our communities, MSVU students have lost employment, are struggling to pay for housing, are facing unexpected and expensive travel, or don’t have the money they need to pay summer tuition or buy the technology required to continue their studies online. MSVU is home to many mature students and single parents who are also supporting families while pursuing their educational dreams.

And while the Federally-funded Canada Emergency Student Benefit and Canada Emergency Response Benefit have been a source of support for some, the need is more urgent for others. And still others don’t meet eligibility criteria.

That’s why, MSVU moved quickly last month to establish the President’s Student Relief Fund – a new targeted emergency-response fund intended to meet the pandemic-related emergency financial needs of our students.

“We have been working tirelessly to respond to the ever-evolving issues and impacts of the pandemic, and this is one more way in which we can extend much needed support to our students,” said Dr. Mary Bluechardt, President and Vice-Chancellor at MSVU.

So far, we’ve supported more than 250 students, providing bursaries totaling more than $155,000. Applications continue to come in and will continue as students face the fall-out of the pandemic throughout the summer and beyond.

Fortunately, since launching the fund, we’ve received donations from more than 100 donors. The MSVU Alumni Association, MSVU Faculty Association, TD Insurance, and Holloway Investments Inc. made founding gifts, as did all 20 members of the MSVU management forum (representing all university directors, AVPs, VPs and President).

The need is great and donor help remains critical to meeting the demand. Please help us continue to ease the burden with a gift to the President’s Student Relief Fund.

Donations to the President’s Student Relief Fund can be made online or by phone (contact Advancement Executive Director Denise Green at 902-497-0428).