About the plan

Mount Saint Vincent University’s strategic plan, Strength Through Community, informs who we are as an institution as we continue to nurture socially responsible global citizens and prepare them to confidently take their place in an uncertain world where activism on climate change, economic, social and political issues will be expected of them. The plan speaks to our research and scholarly work, our respect for cultural diversity, our commitment to community in every sense of the word, and will reflect and respond to an increased need for even wider diversity within our academic programming.

Progress report

MSVU is making strides in the implementation of strategies spanning the seven themes on our strategic plan. You can read our Strategic Plan Progress Report: April 2023 (PDF) for the latest updates by theme. These updates reflect the hard work and deep commitment to the MSVU community of the many constituent groups across this exceptional university, including faculty, staff and administrators, students, alumni, donors, supporters, and community collaborators.

Access the plan

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