Senate By-Laws

govern Senate’s business, and include the Terms of Reference for its Standing Committees.

Founding Documents for Centres, Chairs and Institutes

may include the terms of reference for their advisory committees.

Senate By-Laws

include Senate’s Rules of Order and the Terms of Reference for its Standing Committees.

The Alexa McDonough Institute

founded in 1980 as the Atlantic Institute for the Study of Women, carries on the Mount’s commitment to the advancement of women. it was renamed in 2013 for the Mount’s interim president in honour of her distinguished political career and ongoing commitment to the cause of women, gender, and social justice.

The Chair in Learning Disabilities

was created as part of the Capital Campaign of Mount Saint Vincent University through support from individual donors, professional educators, parents and learners and the Government of Nova Scotia. The primary purpose of the Chair in Learning Disabilities, which was established with gifts from individual donors and the Government of Nova Scotia, is to conduct and communicate research into best practices to address the academic, personal and social strengths and needs of children and youth with learning disabilities.

Nancy’s Chair

was established as the Nancy Rowell Jackman Chair in Women’s Studies in the mid-1980s. Endowed by well-known Toronto-based feminist, Senator, and philanthropist Nancy Ruth, the Chair raises awareness of women’s issues by bringing to campus distinguished scholars in women’s studies and activists who have contributed to the advancement of women.