MPA Logo 2012

The Managers & Professional Administrators (MPA) is a non-union group comprised of senior administration’s support and middle managers. The MPA bridges the gap between senior administrators and the operational staff at Mount Saint Vincent University.

The MPA represents the collective concerns of its members within the University community and is committed to the application of fair employment practices, including those required by federal and provincial statutes and to providing opportunities for professional development of its members.

The MPA facilitates the free flow of information between its members and members of the University community. It represents its members within the University community, on appropriate committees and in discussions regarding employment policies and, in the absence of a collective agreement, brings the collective concerns and wishes of its members to the senior administration with the purpose of establishing dialogue which will lead to the resolution of the concerns.


2022-2023 MPA Executive

2022-2023 Committee Reps

Brittany LoweVice President

Past President
Amy Braye

Heidi Mossman

Karen Mathieu, Alexa Goucher

PD Chair
Jill Hurlbert

Cathleen Madgett

Revised September 2023

Benefit Users Committee
Nicolle Bowes Cashen

Employment Equity Committee

Harassment and Discrimination Committee

MSVU Employee Service Award Committee

Joint Occupational Health & Safety

(MPA members on the Committee – though not
elected members, can bring forward your concerns)

University Budget Committee

Pension Governance
Jill Hurlbert

Wellness Committee
Michelle Innes

About the MPA Visual Identity

The logo provides visual representation of the spirit and intentions of the MPA and its Executive. The MPA is a collective employee group, representing the interests of all University employees within it. The individual ‘keys’, comprising a full circle, represents the individual employees who are at the heart of the MPA employee group. The MPA supports employee growth in a variety of ways, represented by the colour green within the circle. Yellow represents creative and intellectual energy, and is often the symbol of wisdom and joy, characteristics that are synonymous with individuals within the MPA employee group.

By adding individual keys of blue and grey, the colour palette speaks to the diversity within the MPA employee group, and together, the grey, blue and yellow keys are shaped like a megaphone or a volume symbol, meaning that the individual employees contribute to the broader MPA group and to the executive about the things that matter to them, in an open and welcoming forum. The graphic is made up of individual elements that make up an open circle, representing the openness of the MPA. All ideas and individuals are invited and welcome to be part of the ongoing work and discussion led by the Executive team, and the largest space is the white space inside, representing the forum for discussion, ideas and collaboration.

This diverse group of Managers and Professional Administrators are the foundation of all activities and initiatives of the MPA, which is why the words are spelled out as a solid foundation underneath the ‘MPA’ letters and the graphic.