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Bursaries are non-repayable awards that are based primarily upon financial need. Mount Saint Vincent University is dedicated to helping students reduce their financial barriers to a high quality, post-secondary education by offering a robust bursary program. All bursaries awarded through Mount Saint Vincent University require a formal application which includes specific and detailed financial information.

Students who apply for Mount Saint Vincent University bursaries are expected to have applied for all appropriate government student aid for which they qualify. Those who have not should submit a letter citing the reasons and circumstances why they have not availed themselves of student aid programs or their application for a Mount bursary will not be considered. Applications missing required financial information will not be considered when awards are allocated.

What are the different types of Bursaries?

The Mount has both Entrance Bursaries and an In-course Bursaries available.

Entrance Bursary

These are offered to students entering their first undergraduate program (including transfer students). Students in the Bachelor of Education or Graduate Studies are not eligible. Students may not hold an Entrance Bursary and an In-Course Bursary in the same year.
Apply by June 13.

In-Course Bursary

These are offered to both undergraduate and graduate students. Applications are available only once per regular academic session, on or after October 1 of each year. Students must be taking at least 2.0 units between September and April, demonstrate financial need and provide supporting documentation. Students may not hold an Entrance Bursary and an In-Course Bursary in the same year.

Applications will be available on or after October 1. The annual deadline is on the first Friday in November and if approved, money is disbursed in January. Students must attend both fall and winter terms to qualify.

When the application is available, it will appear here.

Paper applications will not be circulated.

Lone Parent Housing Subsidy

Nova Scotia single parent students attending MSVU have access to subsidized affordable rental housing thanks to a student housing program created under the Canada/Nova Scotia Affordable Housing agreement.

Other Financial Aid

Other than scholarships, bursaries, prizes and awards there are other forms of funding that help to reduce your post-secondary educational costs. The Financial Aid office at the Mount handles on-campus awards (bursaries and scholarships) as well as the Student Works need-based employment program, assists with government loans and also has a limited reserve of repayable emergency funding available to offer current students.

External Awards
Non-MSVU awards from external sources/organizations and companies.

Bank Student Loans
Each bank or lending institution will have different loans, interest rates and requirements.

Emergency Loans
Emergency loans are short-term, repayable loans intended to help full-time students of MSVU cover unforeseen circumstances.

Specific Student Groups:

Financial Resources

Information, resources, and advice to help guide you through funding your university education.

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