Tutorial and Academic Support:

The International Education Centre offers MSVU international students free assignment and language support.  In addition to assisting with grammar, listening, reading and speaking skills, we also work on improving sentence-level writing, such as grammar and punctuation, and navigating the transition to writing in an academic context.

1. Individual Tutorials

    • 30-minute appointments
    • Work with EAP instructors on language skills or class assignments

2. Workshops

    • 30-60 minute skill-based sessions
    • Delivered by qualified instructors

3. Study Groups

    • Academic skills
    • Facilitated by EAP instructors

How to Prepare for an Appointment:

  • Email a copy of your assignment sheet, course outline or any other related documents to give the tutor an idea of assignment expectation.
  • Email a copy of your work to be reviewed before your appointment.
  • Come with questions and what you need assistance with.
  • Understand that the tutor is going to work with you; we are not an editing service.

Note: students are permitted 1 appointment per week, based on instructors’ availability.