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Shortly after each Senate meeting, a notice of business concluded is posted here for quick reference by members of the University community.


These notices will be removed when approved minutes are posted.


New or revised policies will be posted to the website and to the Policy Central as soon as possible.


Further details about an item of business can be obtained by referring to the Senate agenda  (for lists of curriculum changes, for instance) or to supporting materials available on the Intranet, or by contacting the Secretary of Senate.

 Senate approved the following:

  • Minutes of the September 29, 2017, meeting
  • Revisions to the Policy on Policies
  • Revisions to the Policy and Procedures for the Development of New and Modified Academic Programs
  • Changes to Senate Bylaw 1
  • Changes to the Terms of Reference for the following Senate committees:  Academic Policy and Planning; Graduate Scholarships, Assistantships and Awards; Information Technology and Services; and Teaching and Learning
  • Two nominations for honorary degrees
Senate received for information:

  • Report on the Senate Master Graduation List for Fall 2017
  • Notice of Motion re changes to the Terms of Reference of Student Experience