GuardMe and MSI

GuardMe International Health Insurance

International Students are automatically signed up and charged for an annual emergency medical insurance through GuardMe International Health Insurance. Your international student insurance is an emergency plan. It does not cover your dental work, glasses, or any pre-existing health conditions. Learn more about your GuardMe International International Health Insurance.

If you have questions about your GuardMe coverage, please visit the Mount’s Health Office located in 2nd floor in Assisi building or call: 902-457-6354, or you can download the GuardMe More Canda Benefit Summary


Nova Scotia Health Card (MSI)

After 12 consecutive months of living in Nova Scotia, you may be eligible to apply for MSI, which is the regular Nova Scotia Health Card — don’t miss this option!

People coming to Nova Scotia from outside the country who hold a Study Permit that is valid for a minimum of 12 months or 1 year, can apply for coverage the first day of the 13th month following the date of arrival in Nova Scotia as a student (providing they have not been outside the province for than 31 consecutive dats except in the course of their studies).

A student arriving in Nova Scotia in July cannot apply until August of the following year. For continuous coverage, a copy of each Study Permit must be submitted to MSI and a declaration must be signed each year. Persons on a Study Permit are eligible for insured services in Nova Scotia only. Services rendered while outside the province would be the responsibility of the individual.

Dependent children under the age of 19 are granted coverage on the same basis as their parents once the applicant has gained entitlement.

To find out more about applying for the MSI, you can visit the Government of Nova Scotia website.

I now have MSI. How can I opt-out of GuardMe International Health Insurance?

Once you obtain your MSI health card, you may opt-out of the GuardMe International Emergency Health Insurance. You must do this before the fall semester fee payment deadline; otherwise, you will continue to be insured under GuardMe for another full year (September 1 to August 31).

In order to opt-out of GuardMe International Emergency, you must contact Financial Services directly and provide them a copy of your MSI health card. When you opt-out of GuardMe, you will be enrolled under the Campus Trust health insurance, which provides coverage beyond emergency. You may be able to opt-out of Campus Trust health insurance if you have another insurance coverage that meets the requirement of our university.

What is Campus Trust health insurance?

Campus Trust health insurance is operated by the Students’ Union. As an international student, you may only enroll in this health insurance if you provide proof of MSI health card; otherwise, you will continue to be covered under GuardMe International Emergency.

Campus Trust provides non-emergency benefits, also known as extended benefits. You will have access to benefits such as massages, physiotherapy, dental coverage, etc. Learn more about Campus Trust Coverage.

For further inquiries, please contact the Manager of Health and Dental Plan, Ms. Patti Hutchison,