Many international students don’t realize how important it is to register for classes before you arrive in Canada. In Canada, you are admitted to a program of study, BUT you are responsible for selecting your classes and registering for them on your own.

Please take a moment to recognize the following vocabulary, which IS LIKELY DIFFERENT FROM YOUR HOME COUNTRY:

In Canada:

  • Academic Program – Degree, diploma, certificate.
  • Course – These are your classes. This is not the same as your Academic Program
    • You will take 10-40 of them depending on your program.
    • You select each one of these according to your program requirements and the schedule you prefer.

Select and register in your classes
Once you are approved for a study permit, it is critically important that you register for classes. You register for classes using myMount. Please visit the myMount webpage to view the instructions on setting up your account, and to view a video on how to register for classes.

If you need support in selecting your classes, please visit Academic Advising to review the resources they provide, such as program check lists, or to book an appointment with an advisor.

We also provide a recorded webinar on this terminology as well as more instructions on how to register. Click here to view the recorded webinars or to register in the upcoming live webinars/workshops.

Confirmation of Enrolment
Once you are registered, you should order a Confirmation of Enrolment in preparation for your travel. You will likely be asked to present this at the Port of Entry.